Heavy Brushed Cotton Ponchos


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Large Heavy Gheri Cotton Hoody Ponchos in many colours with wooden toggles and ties on front and rear panels.


These heavy cotton ponchos are stylish simplicity in plenty of colour combinations to appeal to all.

Put one of these in the trusted tribal kit for the great outdoors – One item –  many uses –

Throw over comfort against the cool of a sunset beach breeze.

As a campfire companion they allow plenty of movement and will cover your legs curled up to sit in a cosy glow.

Slip a poncho over the swimmers after a surf dip for a sneaky carpark change.

A more rugged park life dressing gown replacement for those night time walks to the van park amenity block.

The expanse of fabric makes them a throw rug, a towel, a sunshade and a blanket for two.

Tie the front panel behind your back and then the back panel around your front to create a double thickness deep pocket tunic, ideal for short outdoor walks.

And at home they are a perfect snuggle cover for avid couch commandos.


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